Do you want to take control of your vehicles and drivers?

With Tracker you can easily do this.


Tracker is a small equipment that collects real time data on your car, van, truck or agricultural machinery.

1. Collect data of your vehicle

Tracker can collect lots of data of your vehicle. It is capable to leave message on your control panel.

2. Analyze it

Tracker sends collected data into a cloud server where all information is analyzed and put into a form for easy access.

3. Use the results to control your vehicles and your drivers

You can benefit from it in a lot of ways

  • See the status of your vehicle
  • Can have notice about your service interval
  • Notify too high fuel consumption
  • Can create notifying events out of complex conditions
  • Can monitor driving practice of your drivers (speed, route, etc.)
  • Moreover you can follow the route of your vehicle
  • Can monitor your fleet with less human resource than ever - save costs